BorsodChem Plc. – Hydrochloric acid diriment unit ABC pipe bridge, Complete finishing works during the construction of Interconnection and tank-park

Customer: BorsodChem Plc
Contruction year: 2015
Technical content:
- Basic painting of pipelines
- Scaffolding for engineering-, electrical-, automation fields and finishing works
- On-site corrosion protection of pipelines and devices
- Cold and warm insulation and tinning of pipelines, devices and armatures

  • Scaffolding: ~ 7000 m3
  • Corrosion protection: ~ 16800 m2
  • Insulation: ~ 10000 m2
  • Average manpower: 75 people
  • Construction time: 3 months

MOL Plc – Danube Refinery AV-3, GOK.3 and HRKB units professional assignment turnarounds works 2015

Customer: Petrolszolg Plc
Contruction year: 2015
Technical content:
- Scaffolding for engineering-, electrical-, automation fields and finishing works
- Surface preparation for MEO inspection
- Building and reconstruction of pipe and device insulation
- High-pressure water cleaning of heat exchangers and devices, cleaning and supervision of sewerage system and area cleaning

Comment: During the high-pressure water cleaning of heat exchangers a unique PEINEMENN system was implemented, using a 5-lanced automatic outside and automatic inside washing device powered by 1500 bar / 200 l water pumps. The number of cleaning done simultaneously was approximately 160 bundles / 8 days in 24/7 operation.

  • Scaffolding: ~ 36000 m3
  • Corrosion protection: ~ 2000 m2 from this 1500 m2 is a special coating
  • Insulation: ~ 10000 m2
  • Industrial cleaning: ~ 160 pieces of bundles and shells, 50 pieces of device cleaning, cleaning of sewerages of 3 units and 10.000 m2 area cleaning
  • Average manpower: ~ 200 people
  • Construction time: 2 months

TVK Plc. Butadiene project – Cold insulation of 3 pieces of 2500m3 spherical tanks

Customer: OTF Plc
Construction year: 2014
Technical content:
- Basic painting of pipelines
- Scaffolding for engineering-, electrical-, automation fields and finishing works
- On-site corrosion protection of pipelines and devices
-Cold and warm insulation and tinning of pipelines, devices and armatures

Comment: Because of the complicated geometry of spherical tanks, which are 16-meter in diameter, we had to change the previously agreed technology to on-site sprayed polyurethane foam technology based on our leaders’ proposal. The new spray technology and an individually-designed cover with support structure was applied.

  • Scaffolding: ~ 22000 m3
  • Corrosion protection: ~ 6800 m2
  • Cold Insulation: ~ 3900 m2
  • Average manpower: 65 people
  • Construction time: 4 months

BorsodChem Plc - Complex professional works during the construction of Isomer separation block

Customer: BorsodChem Plc
Construction year: 2013
Technical content:
- Basic painting of pipelines
- Scaffolding for engineering-, electrical- and finishing works
- On-site corrosion protection of pipelines and devices
- Cold and warm insulation and tinning of pipelines, devices and armatures

  • Scaffolding: ~ 18000 m3
  • Corrosion protection: ~3500 m2
  • Insulation: ~4500 m2
  • Average manpower: 52 people
  • Construction time: 4 months

More references

References in MOL Plc. Danube Refinery:

Frame contract maintenance works in various plants at the MOL facilities and heat insulation, tinning, protection against corrosion and scaffolding jobs for new investments:

  • Reconstruction of Wax Unit, FCC Unit, tanks of 100 to 40,000 m3 (Client: MOL Plc.)
  • Implementation of the HDW Unit (Client: MONTEX-GYGV Kft.)
  • Implementation of the MAn Unit (Client: KRAFTSZER Kft.)
  • Implementation of the MTBE Unit (Client: VEGYÉPSZER Rt.)
  • Reconstruction work in REF-II, FCC and GOK-3 Units, reconstruction of tanks of 10,000 m3, implementation of the Claus-5 Unit (Client: PANTECH Kft.)
  • Man Unit upgrade (Client: ENERGO Kft.)
  • Reconstruction of FCC, HF and Gasoline Fractionating Unit, Residue Upgrading – Implementation of connection out of Battery Limit (Client: MONTIVO Kft.)
  • Residue Upgrading – Implementation of the Delayed Coker Unit, Boiler reconstruction in SOTE Hospital, implementation of gas receiving stations, MOL 2000 filling stations (Client: BKG Rt.)
  • Reconstruction of AV-I, AV-II, AV-III, Gasoline Fractionating and Aromatics Units, reconstruction of tanks of 40,000 m3 and 1000 m3, as well as implementation of LINDE inert gas plant (Client: BAU-MONT Kft.)
  • Tank of 60 m3, Gólyás (Client: BVG Rt.)
  • Reconstruction of bitumen storage tanks (100 to 1000 m3) (Client: KUNPETROL Kft., PANTECH Kft., PETROLSZOLG Kft.)
  • Implementation of BEK-5 Unit (Client: OTF-IGN Petrotech Kft.)
  • GOK-1 reconstruction (Client: Petrolszolg Kft.)
  • Claus-4 reconstruction (Client: OTF)
  • Contact refining unit – soft water tank (Client: Technocord Kft.)
  • FCC silo (Client: Bis Hungary Kft.)
  • Modernization of the Bitumen Unit (Client: Technoszer Kft.)
  • Stack and furnace reconstruction in GOK-1 Unit (Client: Hőtechnika Kft.)
  • Reconstruction of tanks 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10 000 and 20 000 m3 (Client: PETROLSZOLG and PENTSTAR Kft.)

Other references:  


Maintenance and shut-down work upon frame contracts on the territory of MOL Plc. Danube Refinery (Client: MOL Rt. DUFI, DUNAFIX Kft., PETROLSZOLG Kft., EXPLANT Kft, PANTECH Kft., BAUMONT Rt.,BKG Rt., PENTSTAR Kft., HŐTECHNIKA Kft., BIS HUNGARY Kft.,TECHNOSZER Kft., MISTRAL MATEN Kft., TANKSZERVICE Kft.)

  • MOL Group, Natural Gas Trasmission Ltd. (FGSZ Zrt.): maintenance, reconstruction of gas receiving stations (Client: Petrolszolg Kft.)
  • MOL Plc. Danube Refinery Logistics: maintenance and reconstruction of loading gantries, etc. (Client: Petrolszolg Kft.)
  • MOL Plc. Waste Incinerator: maintenance, reconstruction (Client: Earth Tech Kft.)
  • Bakonyi Erőmű Rt.: Frame contract for service work related to plant operation (Client: Bakonyi Erőmű Rt.)
  • Budapesti Erőmű Rt.: Frame contract for maintenance work on sites of the Power Plant in Újpest and Angyalföld (Client: MONTIVO Kft.)
  • GLOBUSZ Konzervipari Rt. modernization of the warm water system (Client: Pantech Kft.)
  • Szajol – Reconstruction of MOL tanks of 500 m3 (Client: Corrocont Kft.)
  • Maintenance of power plant equipment (Client: Alstom Kft.)
  • Maintenance and reconstruction of heating plants (Client: Főtáv Zrt.
  • Reconstruction of underground stations (Strabag Zrt.)
  • Other projects 

Mechanical technological finishing work:

  • Reconstruction of Bakony Power Plant (Client: Bakonyi Erőmű)
  • Újpest Power Plant, Chinoin pipeline, Angyalföld Power Plant, Kelenföld Power Plant, OPEL Hungary Kft. Opel plant, Kispest Power Plant, Kelenföld-boiler No. 3, Kőbánya – gate valves (Client: MONTIVO Kft.)
  • Enlargement of Budapest Yeast plant (Client: BUSZESZ)
  • Central Military Hospital, Reconstruction of boiler house, Enlargement of Kelenföld Power Plant and Heating modernisation of the Technical University, SUZUKI Plant Esztergom: modernization of dying workshop, DERT implementation of Gas turbine air duct (Client: KRAFTSZER Kft.)
  • Dunamenti Power Plant Rt.: Elektrófilter (Client: KGYV Rt.)
  • DERT reconstruction of the boiler No. 8 (Client: ERSZIG Rt.)
  • Pálhalma Boiler House ( Client: Kipszer Kft.)
  • SHELL filling stations (Hungary, Romania) (RAAB KARCHER Kft.)
  • Protein processing unit, Mátyásdomb (Client: BAU-MONT 92 Rt.)
  • Kispest Power Plant: boilers 4, 9 and 10, Kelenföld Power Plant: boilers No. 1 and 2, Boiler of Heating Plant in Miskolc (Client: GANZ DANUBIUS HUNGAROSTEEL Kft.)
  • Kispest Power Plant DH1 condenser (Client: ENPRIMA Kft.)
  • Kispest Power Plant process pipelines (Client: ALSTOM Hungária Rt.)
  • Dunamenti Power Plant – Hőtáv steam pipeline (Client: PANTECH Kft.)
  • SAMSUNG hall – Göd: process pipelines (Client: ACIS Kft.)
  • Enlargement of GLOBUS Rt. (Client: PANTECH Kft.)
  • St. Ladislaus Church, Százhalombatta, scaffolding (Client: Roman Catholic Church) 

Mechanical technological finishing work:

  • AUDI Bp car salon, Gazdagrét Shopping Center, Terrapark, Rózsa Domb Center, Siemens Center, APEX Center, Porsche Interautó M5, Duna Plaza, AUCHAN shopping center, Nagykőrösi Car rent HARBOR Park, Apartments in Barlang utca (Client: KÉV-METRÓ)
  • LURDY House (Client: ALBA-REGIA Rt.)
  • DUNAPLAZA, McDonalds, MOM-park ( Client: Csőszer Rt.)
  • GRESHAM, Szép Ilona residential area (Client: STRABAG)
  • GRESHAM (Client: CFE Hungary KFt.)
  • CÉZÁR Building, Bp. UNILEVER reconstruction (Client: APEX Kft.)
  • Market hall in Ócsai út (Client: Halász és Társa Kft.)
  • Ökocentrum (Ecocenter) residential area and JET filling stations (Client: NET-NET Kft.)
  • Enlargement of MAMUT shopping center (Client: PANTECH Kft.)
  • Media Center Campona thermo-insulation for HHVAC (Client: SWIETELSKY)
  • SOFITEL restaurant, Bp., Kispest Power Plant, SAMSUNG hall – Göd, METRO insulation of air technics lines and tin work of METRO station on Blaha L. square (Client: CLH Kft.)
  • Traffic inspection, Budapest, Teréz krt. 62. (Client: Siva Team Kft.)

Main constructor, complete construction:

  • MOL Rt. DUFI: Implementing the system to regain petrol steam in a road transport petrol station (Client: John ZINK GmbH.)
  • Budapest Power Station: Implementing the chemical dosage pump station in Köbányai Power Station (Megbízó: Budapest Power Station)